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Hey guys,
Our suburban went from 8 mpg to 12 mpg. It has pickup like never before! I would highly recommend these to anyone.
Blessings, Brinda

Dear Harvey and Pat Kiker:

It was great talking to you today on the phone. I just wanted to send in this testimonial regarding your battery booster. I purchased your battery booster a few months ago and installed it on my 2008 Subaru Legacy. My new Legacy is rated from the factory at 19 mpg City and 24 mpg Highway. Prior to installing the battery booster, the very most I could get as far as gas mileage, was about 23 mpg, on a straight stretch of highway, if I was doing 55 to 60 mph.

I have had my Kiker battery booster on the vehicle now for about 4 months. It has never missed a beat, and now, if I am traveling on the highway exactly at 55 mph, I achieve a very respectable 36 mpg! Last night, I was coming home from work, going a steady 70 mph; and the vehicle still got an impressive 30 mpg.

On top of this, the car has more power, and seems to always want to go 80 or 85 mph as though it was out for a morning stroll, if I don't watch myself. It runs smooth as silk.

Congratulations on a fantastic product. I am well satisfied with the results, and once this years income tax comes in; I plan to put your products on all my 4 vehicles.

Best Regards,

Robin Martin RN, LNC, CEO, Founder

Medical Safety Technologies, Inc.
3313 North Ware Road, Suite B-2 McAllen, Texas 78504


 Thanks for your follow up yesterday on the scooter wires. I disassembled the wire and screwed the plastic plug end directly into the copper tubing and wow!!!!!! It is noticeably faster in acceleration and top end or at least from the couple of trips I've made with it so far it seems quite stronger. I ran 60mph into windy conditions where before it may have made 53-57and it got up to speed quicker also. Like you said I'm sure if I jet around I'll
probably not notice any gas mileage increase although I CAN revert to slo' motion do better in the mileage department. I appreciate your efforts to build the better mouse trap as a home based tinkerer myself I know how hard it is. Now I can cruise at 50-55 without being at full throttle and that is great.

Thanks again Jeff Koors  

Harvey and Pat,

I just installed the full set of wires with new copper plugs and am getting an immediate 15% increase in fuel mileage (city) in the first few days, from an 'iffy' 17mpg to a solid 20mpg -- and will probably achieve more than that for highway mileage -- I'll find out soon, as I have a road trip coming up.

That's for a 1971 Volvo 145S Wagon, stock, with a Weber 2-barrel carb kit, only change being copper plugs and your wires.

Thanks again and please continue the outstanding work,

Tim ODonnell
Decatur, GA          

P.S.- The custom snap-on wire that was made for my 2003 Kawasaki KLR250 has made a great increase in power.  I was not able to get before & after mileage readings, yet the bike runs much stronger.


Richard Moore 

Hi guys I'm the guy who sent in my testimonial for the ford focus and trophy ocean boat. Well it gets even better these crazy wires keep on working better as time goes on. I have almost 5000 miles now on the wires on my focus and my mileage has jumped up again. The last time I checked I was getting 52.7 mpg on my scan gauge on along trip, I just went on holidays 1300 kms to my parents house with air conditioning on I averaged 55.6 on one leg of the trip [700km] at 35.5 liters. The next tank of gas with no air conditioning 4.8 liters per 100 kms or 59.2 mpg. This is crazy I'm getting better mileage than my buddies Volkswagen tdi diesel or the civic hybrid. My boat also has gone up I now get 4.5 mpg from 4.0. I have done nothing else to the car or drive any different and gained an additional 6.5 mpg from my last check. I am telling everyone I can even on holidays I had the hood up showing people the mods I have done. My neighbor runs the local newspaper and wants to do a story on the changes I have made to the car and mileage increases also my buddy runs his diesel pickup on hydrogen and wants to see that also. When the story comes out probably next spring I will tell you and you can access our newspaper on line and see it for yourselves. Thanks again for this awesome product.


Chuck Prescott, recently introduced me to Harvey Kiker for whom he had secured a patent on a unique tuned sparkplug wire and battery cable. I coupled my 100 MHz. oscilloscope to one of my standard plug wires with a Pertronix ignition module and 40,000 volt coil and recorded the pulse. Then I put in one of Harvey’s wires and the duration of the spark pulse doubled. I was most impressed. I installed a full set and noticed what I perceived was smoother acceleration and I found myself going faster than normal on I-95.

Tony Gedeon 

My buddy and I ordered some wires from you for a ford focus, 150 hp merc outboard, and v6 GMC van, we live in northern B.C. Canada at basically sea level. I have done the testing on my 2000 ford focus. Stock with no mods at all I got 36 to 38 mpg I kept a fuel log for years, with pcv cleaner, acetone,  xylene and modified spark plugs my scan gauge showed me on a 350km trip average 45.9 mpg. Now with your wires on I did the same trip and got a whopping 52.7 mpg. I tried this twice to see if it was coincidence, my wife drove then I drove same distance as this is to her parents home, the difference was only 2/10ths of a liter that's a 6.8 mpg increase for your wires. Just for fun I test drove a 2008 focus rated 50mpg brought my scan gauge took it on my 25 km test run that I use for any mod. or Testing and I only got 39 mpg.

I put the wires on my bay liner trophy with a 150 hp merc outboard v6 and I am very happy! It jumps out of the hole quicker and my fuel consumption is around 6.5 gallons per hour at 28 to 30 mph. On a long trip 100 miles or so I'm getting almost 4 mpg. I never tested the boat before the wires as I had just bought it but comparing with other owners with the same boat and motor as me they get 2.5 to 3 mpg and burn on average 8 gallons per hour so again, I am very happy with your wires.

Keep up the good work you guys and I can't wait to see what you are working on next.

Thanks again Martin Parkes 

 2003 Chevy Silverado 4.3 V-6

I purchased the kiker wires and battery boosters. Before I was getting about 10 mpg. Now I an getting 18 to -25 mpg. I run my truck in the groves, in sugar sand, and since I purchased the wires it's not a problem to drive through the sand and burn a little gas. I will continue to buy kiker wires for every vehicle I will ever own.

Aaron Melton 


 2006 Ford Triton F-150 5.4 V-8 engine

Purchased 2 battery boosters. I was getting about 12-13 miles a gallon before and now I am getting close to 20 - 21 mpg. The power has enhanced a lot. It gets up and goes a lot quicker. I also received a booster made especially for the 2,000 watt amp in my truck. Now my radio plays louder and clearer. Standing about 50 ft. away it still sounds really clear and easily understood. I am extremely happy with what the kiker wires have done for my truck and my wallet.

Casey McCrainie 

I have a 2004 Yamaha 350 Raptor quad. I already had an I-cat spark
enhancer installed and thought quad already ran great. I connected a snap-on
wire in series with the I-Cat not expecting much change. I had a friend also
check top speed and performance before and after adding the snap-on wire. We
both came up with almost 3 MPH faster top end and better power through the
whole power band. I-Cat about $180. Your wire would have done the same for much
less $$. I'm telling everyone, but too many people over think things and are
too skeptical. I keep telling them to quit thinking about it and just buy your
wires! Thank you so much.

Gary Hinton 

 Harvey and Pat:

There are several advantages to Kiker wires. First, they go in easily;
it only took me fifteen minutes to install them. They are somewhat
thicker than other wires, so they do not flop over onto the engine, and
they stand apart from each other, limiting spark wire loss. Especially
important is the increased power and mileage that the wires produce. My
1989 Toyota Camry no longer knocks going up steep grades. The increased
power shows at take off and in passing. I used to fill up with gas
weekly, but now it's more like biweekly. Best of all for me is that my
high-mileage car engine now runs almost as smoothly as a new one. Less
vibration is great for the car because it means less wear and tear on
all of the components of the car. In sum, I believe in Kiker wires so
much that I'm putting them in all three of our autos as well as in all
seven of our motor scooters.

-- Dr. Monte Salyer, Rocky Face, Georgia

Since the installation of your wires on my 92 Lincoln, they have increased my cars performance. I went from 13-14 mpg town driving to 19.2 mpg. Highway driving went from 21 mpg to 30 mpg!
I have recommended these wires to everyone I know and will continue to do so. I thought I would have to invest in a new car, before putting these wires on. They are definitely worth every penny. This is an investment that will pay for itself. Thanks for saving my car.

Kelly Beckman

George C. Parsons
Youth Leader
First Baptist Church of Leisure Lakes
808 Gardenia
Lake Placid, Fl 33852

Dear Harvey and Pat,

So sorry that it took so long to get this information to you. I had to make sure my figures were correct and accurate before attesting such was true.
The following information is true and accurate, provable by gas tickets and mileage driven.
First let me qualify the vehicle on which you installed the Kiker Wires on.
1986 Ford F700 66 Passenger School Bus
370 V8 4V Gas Engine
Allison Automatic Transmission
Mileage When Purchased -------- 89,526.4

When purchased in February 2005, miles per gallon averaged 3.34.
In March 2005, after a valve job and tune-up, miles per gallon increased to 4.82.
First bus run after the Kiker Wires were installed on July 13, 2005. Miles per gallon increased to 5.46.
Increases of gas mileage has occurred every tank of gas :
5.51 mpg
6.36 mpg
7.39 mpg
9.72 mpg (July)

At this point, the odometer stopped working.
Installed an Hour Meter, which will give a better consumption rate.
As you are aware, after making the first bus trip with us after installation of the Kiker Wires, there is a lot of stop and go involved. Also there is one stop in which we back the bus down a narrow road. This mileage does not register on the odometer. When this information is factored in, the gas mileage is greater than stated above.

In the month of August 2005 and the first two weeks of September 2005 we averaged 12.02 miles per gallon. This miles per gallon figure was derived by knowing the miles driven on the bus route and the gas purchased. When the odometer is repaired, we will give you miles driven, engine run time and gas purchased.
Harvey, your Wires have certainly been a Blessing from God. With the price of gas escalating as it has, our small church would have been hard pressed to continue with our Bus Ministry.

Will keep reporting to you on engine run hours and gas consumption.

May God continue to bless the gift of invention He bestowed upon you.

In Christ,

George C. Parsons

My son Justin races a 2005 E-Ton Viper 90cc ATV. I installed the Snap On Wire on Justin’s ATV without his knowledge to see if he could tell a difference. In ten minutes, he came back wanting to know what I did to his Quad. He said that it has More Power!! I said to him yeah right and told him to let me try it… But Justin was RIGHT!!

The quad’s idle was smoother and the engine was burning much cleaner, even removed a miss the engine had from running too rich. The ATV even has more torque! I was able to pull a wheelie across my front yard, before it would never pull a full wheelie at all. I am really impressed with the Snap On Wire, and I recommend it to anyone wanting to see an inexpensive boost to his or her 2-stroke engine!

Keith Diehl

Viper 90cc Wheelie video

My 1996 Jeep Cherokee, went from 14.5 mpg to 19.5 mpg.
It is used as a mail truck, part time. After installing the Kiker Wires,
I noticed it was running better, getting better
mileage and more power. I checked the spark plugs
after about 5 months of use and they were just
as clean as the day they were put in. My Jeep
has over 216,000 miles and is still running
great. I have had the Kiker Wires on my Jeep for
over two years now.

Thanks Kiker Performance,

Diane Richardson

I got the wires today and I must say I am very, very happy
with them. I finally got the complete set in my car and my car
feels alive now. I don't even have to stomp the pedal to go
uphill now. I don't even have to stomp the pedal anymore! 8)
It picks up and goes just fine. The idling is much smoother
now according to my tachometer; around 600-700 RPM and steady.
My first time tune-up is now complete. I wonder
how much better the car could get if I buy the Battery Booster
as well. I am definitely considering it.
Thank you once again for great wires.


         Josue R. Cuellar

I have a small 4-cylinder 2004 Chevy Aveo, and I've never been a real stickler for gas mileage or performance- I actually know very little about cars. I just know that when I'm running around town-- driving, stopping and starting an average of 3-5 miles each time, totaling about 15-25 miles/day, I usually get a total of about 220 miles from my 10 gallon tank. If I have to take a long trip and drive on the highway-usually up to Orlando, about 80 miles away, I will average around 240 miles total, and I always thought that was pretty good. As a matter of fact, I always felt my car worked just fine: the only real drawback was when I had to pass someone at a high speed 50+mph: the engine would really grind loudly, because the car just didn't have that much pick up- but I'm not a speed demon on the road, so I could live with that. However, with gas prices soaring, I wanted to see if these Kiker wires could actually make any difference in the mileage I was getting, and save me some money. Well, the difference since installing the Kiker wires has been amazing! The first big change, which I never expected, but noticed immediately, was how much pick up my car has: it just takes off, and when I have to, it passes other cars at 50+mph without so much as a loud hum- even a leisurely drive down the road is so much more noticeably smooth that I can barely believe it!! Moreover, with the Kiker wires, on my first full tank of gas, I got 265 miles just driving around town: that's a 45 mile difference per 10 gallon tank; That means 2-3 more days of driving before having to fill up my tank again!! I'm more than impressed- I'm absolutely thrilled!! I haven't had to take any long trips yet, but I can't wait to see what the difference will be when I do. Without any reservation, I can truly and wholeheartedly recommend the Kiker wires to anyone and everyone!

-L K Heads


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