How Do Kiker Wires Work?

Assuming the current travels from the coil pack to the spark plug, spark energy supplied from the coil encounters a self-induction winding about six inches from the spark plug. The coil generates a magnetic field that will travel down the wire to accompany the electric field also traveling down the wire toward the spark plug. The self-induction coil enhances the original value of henrys and at the same time spaces out the delivery of milliamps to the plug. The milliamps are what actually fire the mixture rather than voltage. Three energies are distributed within the wire in this fashion. These three energies move at slightly different velocities. The accompanying magnetic field creates three sparks across the gap. This action by the enhanced spark generates a much stronger and more positive initial firing of the fuel. The strong ignition helps to prevent flat combustion and dead spots within the air-fuel pockets of the chamber. The Kiker Wires have been proven to work on all vehicles so far. The gain in mileage is about 2-5 mpg. With some vehicles showing larger gains. Plus gains in power and torque.
Kiker Wires have almost zero resistance! They have the lowest ohms on the market today. Most spark plug wires claim to have the lowest ohms at 30 to 40 ohms per foot. Kiker wires have 0 to 5 ohms per wire, even up to 60 inches long.

The wires also produce a multiple spark in each wire [2-3] per wire. Thus burning fuel more efficiently in each cylinders, cleaner emissions, using less gas, causing the engine to run smoother and more efficiently.

The Battery Booster Works On The Same Principle As The Wires.

The Magnetic Field and the Energies created by the Battery Booster run through out the electrical system and motor to Ionize the Fuel. Which Improves the Fuel mileage, Increase's the power, which in turn seems to help the motor run smoother.


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