Harvey Kiker

The Inventor of the Kiker Power Wires.

Harvey is a tree surgeon by day and inventor by night. His first invention was a formula for pressure washing houses etc. Not only did it clean amazingly well, but it put a shine on them, looking like they had been painted. Windows were sparkling clean. He used to pressure clean before joining his dad in the tree business. That was the start of his inventing.

Next came a love affair with old muscle cars. Harvey was thinking of ways to make them run faster but yet, getting better gas mileage! He had the thought of making a better spark plug wire. Kiker wires have a heat range of 640 degrees with a 47,000 volt capacity with the silicone rubber that encompasses the wire. They have the lowest ohms on the market today. Most spark plug wires can claim to have the lowest ohms at 30 to 40 ohms per foot. Kiker wires have 0 to 5 ohms per wire, even up to 60 inches long.

The wires also produce a multiple spark in each wire [2-3] per wire. Thus burning fuel more efficiently in each cylinders, cleaner emissions, using less gas, causing the engine to run smoother and more efficiently. This is just one of his dreams that is coming true. Harvey has also developed something he feels will benefit the truckers who are using diesel engines. They have been hardest hit by the rising gas prices. Harvey's dream is to have every driver get more mileage and save money on gas. In this day and age where everything is being taxed to the max, including our savings accounts, we deserve a break somewhere. That break is saving money on your gas for your vehicles. An extra benefit is more power, cleaner engine, lower emissions. The rest of Harvey's dream is to be able to sell his tree business and be a full time inventor.

Pat Kiker

Is the other half of the Kiker team, who currently is a rural mail carrier in Florida and a VP of Kiker wires Inc., secretary, shipping clerk, wire maker and co-inventor.

Harvey and Pat were married in 1998. They both share a love for of old cars and muscle cars. Pat would like to do inventing with Harvey full time. Harvey and Pat like working together and come up with great ideas as a team.

Rod Sutphin

 When I'm not working on this website I am out on the weekends riding motorcycles. I do the web site stuff and try to help out on the e-mails answering questions for Kiker Performance Products. I have a full set of Kiker Wires on my 2002 yellow Aprilia which is in the right side of the picture. Those wires gained me 2.5-3 hp on that bike!!! 



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