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1: Will Kiker Wires work in conjunction with the Battery Booster?     Answer is YES.

2: How much Mileage and Performance gain can you expect? Answer is we have seen 2-5 MPG increases in most vehicles, with some vehicles getting even better than that.     But results vary from vehicle to vehicle. Expect better power and the engine to run a little smoother also.

3: Do you make the Wires?  Answer is YES. We custom make each set of Wires for every vehicle, so we need wire lengths and what type of boot ends when you order, we will need you to send us a set of the semi new or new spark plug wires so we can use the OEM boots, that way everything will fit.

4: Can you run the Battery Booster with OEM Sparkplug wires install? Answer is, We do not recommend it! OEM and Other After market sparkplug wires have too much resistance per foot.

5: After installing Kiker Wires the engine is running rough or has misfiring.  Check wires to make sure ends are connected securely to the spark plugs and coil packs or distributor cap. Also make sure the wires did not get crossed during installation and are going to the wrong cylinders. Best way is do one wire at a time.

More Questions to come.



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